Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where do you get coupons?

There are many ways to obtain coupons.

  • Inserts in your Sunday paper-there are 3 types of inserts that come out in Sunday papers at different times; Red plum(RP), Proctor and Gamble(PG), and Smart source.
  • Tear pads-these are usually found near a product at your grocery store. You simply tear the coupon off of the pad. (it is always a good idea to take a few extra for a sale later on.)
  • Blinkie-Have you ever noticed those little machines that spit out coupons near products at the store? Those are a great resource for adding to your coupon arsenal.
  • Peelies-The coupons that are attached to a product you are buying
  • Write the manufacturer-It never hurts to write the manufacturer of your favorite products. Most have websites and you can contact them via email. I have received numerous free samples and coupons just by letting the company know that I enjoy their product.
  • Coupon clipping services-There are services available to actually purchase insert coupons already clipped for you! You pay a small handling and postage fee for those coupons, not the actual coupons. My favorite site is www.couponsthingsbydede.com
  • Recycle Bins-You would not believe how many people throw their Sunday papers with coupons in them in their recycling. Ask your neighbors, family and friends to save them for you.

Do you have another source? Let us know

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