Thursday, April 29, 2010

May 1-8th Grocery Budget Challenge

This is the first of several posts to come this week. I have challenged my facebook friends and family to a grocery budget challenge. Whatever their budget may be, to stick to it or beat it. Just one week of watching what you spend to see exactly where your dollars go. Maybe, even encourage more to use coupons and see that it really does save $.
Today is 4/29 I realize, however, I had a few coupons expiring today and tomorrow that I wanted to use. These will come out of my grocery budget for the first week of May.
The Budget $75 for a family of 4, one of which is still in diapers.

Rite Aid
3 Finish Quantumatic Kits %50off ($5.49ea)
4 Splenda Mini's (75% off clearance) .87ea
1 Johnson and Johnson Travel First Aid Kit $1.49
2 StayFree Pads $1.99ea
-$5/25 RA coupon(expires 4/30)
-(3) $3/1 Finish Quantumatic (Tearpad at store in front of kits)
-(4) $1/1 Any Splenda Coupons (ends up making each a .13 Profit)
-(1) $1/1 RA Johnson and Johnson
-(1) $1/1 Johnson and Johnson First Aid Manufacturer Q(ends up making kit .51 Profit)
-(2) $2/1 Stayfree coupon (makes each package .01 Profit)
Total with Tax=$3.36 (saved $53.04 by shopping sales and using coupons)
Budget $75-$3.36= 71.64

Food Lion

2 Chinet Lunch Napkins $1 .99ea ( closeout price with shoppers card .99ea)
2 Pantene Mouse $4.29ea (closeout Price with shoppers card $2.14ea)
2 Purex Natural Elements $4.49ea
1 FL Whole wheat bread $1.94
-(2) $1/1 Chinet Coupons(expires 4/29) (ends up FREE)
-(1) BOGO sale with store card Purex detergent -$4.49
-(2) Purex facebook coupons .35/1
-(1) $3/2 Pantene coupon (ex 4/30)
total with tax= $7.57 (saved $16.50)
71.64-7.57= 64.07

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  1. I always use printable coupons and save lots on my weekly shopping. I saved $1 on Langers juice and VELVEETA Shells & Cheese Cup, Save $1.00 On 1 Axe 12 oz. Hydrating Shower Gel and Get ONE FREE up to $1.30. These coupons are available on